Thursday, February 14, 2013 — ,

Primark Store Opening at Frankfurt Zeil

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I spent the morning at the opening of the second Primark store in the heart of Frankfurt: at Zeil. If you were wondering how Primark looks untouched and neat (I thought I would never actually see a Primark store in this state at all)... well, this is it. I headed there at crack of dawn, tired, lacking coffein, but was greeted with cupcakes, heart-shaped balloons and a cute goodiebag, and my spirits rose in an instant.

The fact that I met up with my favourite local bloggers and friends Lydia and Jeffrey contributed well to my good mood. I happily chose a few pieces of the collection they had in the store, of which I was pleasantly surprised. At 11am sharp, the doors opened for the public... and we ran, as fast as we could, out of the store, while the public ran, as fast as they could, into the store. After surviving this race, the blogger group went for a feast at the top of the MyZeil shopping center. Buffet. No need to say more. Perfect end to this great morning/noon event. Merci, Primark Team, for having me!


Rabea said...

Ich wäre so gerne dort gewesen, aber ich war krank :/
Wie viele Menschen waren es den ungefähr!?

LG Rabea