Friday, February 15, 2013

Frankfurt is for Lovers & Lookbook Contest /

blouse CHEAP MONDAY | skirt RIVER ISLAND | boots URBAN OUTFITTERS | bag URBAN OUTFITTERS | spiked necklace CALYPTE COLLECTION | cross ring RIVER ISLAND | golden slave bracelet LUCIDITY BY UMA | cross bracelet ASOS

This is the outfit I was wearing for the Primark store opening in Frankfurt. I knew the outfit was not perfectly suitable for the lovers' day, but I love black and thus, the wine-red boots contributed well to the Valentine's Day vibe. Thanks to Jeffrey for taking these pictures! We both entered the Valentine's Day Lookbook contest, boy and girl. ❤

Vienna Wedekind said...

lovely lady! the bag is pretty cool.


Kaylyn said...

I adore your style and I love this outfit! Your blog is amazing and I am a new follower! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog :)

Style Infatuation

fhenny said...

totally love this outfit
so sophisticated!
i have just followed your blog
follow mine if you like it <3
style frontier

myuxz said...

i recognize this place from last year, Frankfurt is so rad! you looked stunning, I like the boots :3

thank you for commenting on my blog :)
xxx myuxz


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