Tuesday, August 11, 2015 — ,

The Secret Garden Party 2015

Festivals have never been more popular than nowadays. Wherever you go, there's always some sort of music festival going on that weekend. The range of festivals has expanded, it feels, exponentially in the past few years. It's hard to keep track. When I've heard of Secret Garden Party last year, I was told about this big crazy festival going on in July every year in north of London, but I didn't spend any further thoughts on it... until this summer.

This year's SGP took place from Thursday, July 23 until Sunday, July 26, and I was offered an Artist Liaison and Stage Management job for one of the stages there. I accepted under one condition: That I would get time off to see Jungle. They were probably the main reason I wanted to go to SGP as I have never seen them before and I was dying to finally experience them live. I was promised, so I accepted. And, boy, I had no idea. With more than 30,000 attendees this year, one may wonder how the heck did they start with 1,000 visitors and one stage 11 years ago and now became this? I did wonder, but then I was there, and I stopped wondering.

SGP is for any music lover. All kinds of genres are represented on more than 20 stages on site, with genres ranging from electronica and dance (house, techno, etc.), over psychedelia, rock and indie, to even beat boxing. I'm not really a fan of big festivals, but this one worked for me because the stages are all quite small - even the main stage - so you will never feel swallowed by an enormous crowd. I also hate dressed up people who look like they tried way too hard, but at SGP it's absolutely fine, because the people just blend in with the almost even crazier environment. The decorations of the stages and the site send you to another galaxy. You're in an entirely different world for that weekend.

I went to SGP pretty much alone. I knew a mate who was playing the Pagoda Stage on Friday, but his crew left the site on Saturday morning due to the heavy rain from the night before - no one can blame them, I understood their bitterness. I worked Thursday until Saturday, but Sunday was my day off (because my stage was burnt down - yes, I'm not kidding, it's like an SGP ritual), so I ended up wandering around alone. So not fun, most people would think, but no. The gigantic range of food stalls there will always keep you busy, if you're not busy queuing for a ride on the big wheel. There are Yoga tents, bars everywhere, workshops, gatherings, anything for anyone. The people I've met were all amazing, super open-minded and gorgeous, and, needless to say, I had the best time at a festival I have ever had. Trust me, that's a hardcore statement, since I've been to quite a few festivals already. I had an absolute blast.

For some reason, not many non-UK people know about this festival, albeit all my British friends have been going there for years. I feel like I was the only German attending, surrounded by British accents on the whole site. And I want to change that. Please check out SGP, you have to go there. It's amazingly fantastic, it's beyond your expectations, and I'm only counting the days until next year's edition now.

Sunday, July 19, 2015 —

Shellys London Mieri Boots

My new babes are home! Während ich letzte Woche in Köln und Wien busy war, Unheil zu stiften, bestellte ich mir nebenbei endlich bei Spartoo die Shellys London Mieri Boots. Denen sabber ich schon seit Monaten hinterher. Die Boots fallen anscheinend kleiner aus, und habe sie mir daher in einer Nummer größer bestellt. Noch gibt es 38 und 39 zum reduzierten Preis hier, also schlagt zu bevor sie weg sind! Ich liebe ja diesen Klettverschluss, da fühle ich mich fast wieder wie ein Kind.

Momentan befinde ich mich noch in Urlaubsphase (es stehen Secret Garden Party, London, Dekmantel und Amsterdam bevor), und werde dann direkt in die Umzugsphase gleiten. Allerdings hoffe ich, dass ich euch die süßen Booties bald mal im Outfit präsentieren kann. Auf bald!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 —

Hyper Wednesdays

Not so long ago, I wrote a long personal post in which I confessed my recent life-changing revelations I have had while living in Singapore. And I'm still serious about it. I want to work in the digital creative industry, work in the digital landscape, or work somehow creative. So what is my plan? My first steps are babysteps, but you gotta start somewhere, right? Besides running to a handful of job interviews, which are all to an extend related to digital, I am also working on my practical skills in the digital creative sphere. Just like a hyper girl would do.

I have made a little to-do list for myself with topics I want to learn about, or catch up on. I haven't gotten into proper coding since I stopped in 10th grade (that time everyone gets busy with education, you know), so I've missed out on a lot. New trends have popped up but not only in web design, also in graphic design. Photoshop is much more advanced - I mean, I still used CS4 Version 11, like, the stone age version. I feel like a grandma. In summary, grandma me would like to learn (more) about...
  • Responsive design
  • XML, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Phython, Ruby
  • InDesign, Illustrator, VVVV
  • Parallax Scrolling I've actually figured this one out whilst writing this post, ha.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics, 4D Cinema
Also, grandma Claudi wants to finally be...
  • proficient in CSS3 for all the fancy 3D transform fun
  • a Photoshop superwoman
  • and, on a side note, fluent in French and Swedish. Duolingo is my friend!
Keeping all these to-do's in mind, I've set out to the wiiiiide world web to find suitable tutorials on web design, graphic design, web development, everything development, anything in the direction of the points above.

From now, on Wednesdays every now or then, there will be an update on my progress of going through my to-do list, and/or I will share my favourite tutorials with you that I found helpful. Any thing interesting in the field. Because, as an Maastricht University alumni may say, sharing is caring. So let the games begin!