Friday, April 10, 2015 —

Mixtape: Sharing Kisses in Tiong Bahru

Almost fell of earth again. The last few days and weeks have been so incredibly busy for me. On the one hand, all final submissions for university are due by this weekend - this means sudden stress popping out of nowhere. On the other hand, I just came to realize my final week in Singapore is approaching, sadly, so I've put together this little mix to remember me strollin' through the Singaporean district called Tiong Bahru.

I love Singapore's diversity. Each district looks different, smells different, sounds different. Tiong Bahru is this little place with all-in-white buildings but all decorated with turquoise house number signs. Same same but different. Plants in pots are decorating the majority of the streets. It's beautiful. Cats following you and meowing for cuddles and love. My favourite cat is this black cat I have met the first time I was in Tiong Bahru. I still see little black cat from time to time when I'm there.

This mixtape puts together all my favourite songs I listen to when I walk around in Tiong Bahru. It's all about sunshine, peace, serenity, cats, kopi peng... enjoy.

Saturday, March 28, 2015 —

Instastories: Singapore Part III

Time flies in Singapore. It's almost already April now and I've just come to realize that my final 7 weeks here are approaching. My bithday is coming up in three weeks, which will also mark my last day of university here. In the remaining time since my most recent Instagram update, I have been meeting friends, going out, done a 3-9am bike tour by night through Singapore, and travelled to Pulau Tioman in Malaysia for completing my diving license. The bike tour was pretty intense, we unintentionally passed by the rehearsal for Lee Kuan Yew's funeral at 3am, biked through Marina Bay and the Gardens, and ended our trip at the east coast with breakfast and a beautiful view of the sunrise.

  • Todd Edwards at Club Kyo
  • Serangoon neighborhood
  • Lazy day in a hammock, Serangoon
  • Pulau Tioman, Malaysia
  • Dive Trip on Pulau Tioman, Malaysia
  • New Jacket & Dress
  • That one night when the MRT was running all night #LeeKuanYew
  • 3am bike tour through Singapore
  • Final bike tour destination: Sunrise at the east coast
  • Doodles on Little India MRT's wall

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 —

Strawberry Lollipop

Lately, especially in Singapore, I have fallen into a more lazy style, i.e. bomber jackets, oversized shirts and like-wise. I found this super cozy jacket at the local Singaporean online shop Tea for Three, and I wear it all the time in the MRT. And no, I'm not crazy, it is indeed 30+ degrees in Singapore and very humid every day, but the MRT and lecture halls and basically all places just totally exaggerate on air con useage and you sometimes end up freezing to near-death. I combined this cute tartan dress, also from Tea for Three (check them out, they've got the cutest clothing ever), with the jacket, alongside my classic favourite Vagabond booties and round sunnies. Extra feature of the day: a strawberry lollipop. Flawless!

Jacket / Tea for Three
Dress / Tea for Three
Boots / Vagabond Dioon
Sunglasses / Giant Vintage
Watch / Daniel Wellington