Thursday, October 22, 2015 —

Summer Endings & New Beginnings

It's time for a little summer wrap-up. Yes, I'm super late on that, but the temperatures lately have dropped immensively, I just got so nostalgic in the past few days... I couldn't resist but compile a final Instagram impressions post to look back on yet another great summer. As you may or may not remember, I started out in Singapore, on to Australia, returned to Europe and went to Bulgaria and then Barcelona; and now the story continues. In a nutshell, I was just travelling shitloads. And now I live in Cologne, but I still travel shitloads. I can't resist.

I actually danced a lot. After dancing at Meadows in the Mountains and Sonar Off Week, I continued dancing at Secret Garden Party as previously mentioned, I danced at Helsinki's Flow Festival, I danced at several parties in Stockholm and Copenhagen, I danced in Paris, in Berlin, and I danced at Amsterdam Dance Event just the past weekend. So much dancing!

  • Universal Music office's rooftop in Berlin
  • Two days in Vienna
  • Pagoda Stage @ Secret Garden Party
  • Jungle @ Secret Garden Party
  • Souvenirs from 4 days in London
  • Helsinki
  • Studio Barnhus party at Musikaliska, Stockholm
  • Greasy Spoon breakfast, Stockholm
  • Trädgården, Stockholm
  • Babel Club, Malmö
  • Generator Hostel, Copenhagen
  • La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris
  • Baby sitting a baby kitty
  • Last man standing @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

Thursday, October 15, 2015 —

Entering The Business World

Wie ich in vorherigen Posts schon erwähnt hatte, bin ich im September nach Köln gezogen. Hier arbeite ich mittlerweile im Bereich Consulting/Beratung... und da musste dringend und schnell eine neue Business-Casual Garderobe her, bevorzugt im preiswerterem Bereich. Man muss ja nicht gleich mit dem Boss-Anzug antanzen.

Mit Hosen hab ich mir erst unglaublich schwer getan, aber letztendlich wurde ich doch bei Forever 21, ASOS, und Boohoo fündig; einfach nach Zigarettenhosen suchen. Das Beste an den schwarzen Hosen: viele davon kann ich sogar auch nach Feierabend tragen! Die meisten, wie zum Beispiel diese texturized Hose, die ich hier jetzt trage, eignen sich perfekt für einen lässigeren Look, mit einem oversized Sweater oder einfach ein cropped Top zum Feiern gehen. Die Schuhe habe ich aus dem Kauf Dich Glücklich in Köln geschnappt, wie ich im vorigen Post schon erzählt habe—diese kann ich ebenfalls auch in der Freizeit tragen. Happy Clauds is happy!

Blazer / Bonprix
Shoes / Kauf Dich Glücklich
Black Shirt / Bugis
Textured Pants / ASOS

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 —


I've realized that my last outfit post has been ages ago, so here's a new one. I have a few things I copped from Singapore which I haven't shown you yet, and I'll start with my favourite amongst them: my marble jumpsuit. It's taken forever until I finally found affordable marble print clothes, and it took me a plane flight to the other end of the world to find these in Singapore. I already miss bargain shopping at Bugis Street and all the blogshops there. I've got another marble print twosies set with darkblue marble, but you'll get to see that one later.

I combined this favourite jumpsuit of mine with a few more new additions to my wardrobe. The necklace and the bracelet are both souvenirs from Copenhagen, and I bought the shoes in Cologne, in fact, for my new consultant work. I can't really wear those typical business formal shoes for women. They look like shoes for grandmas and make loud clacking noises when walking—you basically annoy yourself to death. The ones that I got are some sort of middle-way compromise. Not too grandma-style but also not not-formal, so no one can complain about my outer appearance at work.

Oh, and I bought plants for my little new home, and will keep on adding more and more, until my apartment is a legit jungle. Life's good in Cologne.

Coat / ASOS
Marble Jumpsuit / Bugis
Shoes / Kauf Dich Glücklich
Moon Necklace / Pilgrim
Golden Bracelet / Pilgrim
Rings / Afghan Corner
Fedora Hat / ASOS