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Driving between Sydney and Melbourne

One way of travelling between Sydney and Melbourne is simply to do a coastal drive with a rental car - which is what we did. There are a bunch of beautiful places inbetween the two cities! On the way from Sydney to Melbourne, our goal was to not drive more than 3-4 hours every day, so we could still get to do some hiking and sight seeing on the same day upon arrival. And on the way back to Sydney, just stop by those places we had to skip before, or places we want to further discover.

That plan was perfect in theory, but we didn't consider the seasonal conditions in Australia. It's May right now, which is winter time, and the sun sets much faster than you would think! It usually already starts to get dark around 3-4pm, followed by sunset at 5pm. Also, the restaurants in the smaller towns are often closed after 7pm, if not earlier. Which means, you have to get up and leave super early to still catch some sunlight in the next destination.

I'm not much of an early bird and we usually left around 10am check out time, but still, we managed to see quite a lot - especially animals. I saw kangaroos, a lot of crazy and weird and colorful birds, koalas, and even wombats! God, wombats are so cute. So fluffy. I wanted to take one with me so badly.

Lakes Entrance
After our first stop in Batemans Bay, our next destination was Lakes Entrance, where the ocean turns into a long lake. You can walk down the ocean beach of the half island on the east side, and turn into the lake side at the south peak, and experience strong tides and stormy winds turn into tranquil breezes.

Wilsons Promotory
A beautiful national park where you can go hiking and animal watching, is Wilsons Promotory. We only had time for one short walk, but there are plenty more hiking opportunities in the park, ranging from short to long options. There are a lot of birds, too, and this special red birdy which you can see below just won't let you alone. I'm not sure why suddenly a group of six of these invaded our car... maybe because it's white? Oh, and I saw a wombat!

Phillip Island
The last stop before Melbourne was Phillip Island. It's only about 140km away from Melbourne city center, so around 1.5 to 2 hours drive far, making it quite a convenient final stop in a coastal drive before arriving in Melbourne - or even just a day trip from there. We went to see the Penguin Parade at Nobbies on the west side of the island, which is essentially a daily attraction for tourists to go watch the little penguins (so damn cute) come home from hunting in the ocean. No photos or video taking is allowed, so I can't show you, but just google it for professionally taken pictures of the parade!

The next day, before we headed to Melb, we stopped by the Koala Conservation Centre, to go search for Koalas in the trees. Not an easy task in the beginning, but once you get the hang of looking for them, you will see a few sleeping peacefully between some tree branches. Further, there are warnambools living in the Koala area, so keep your eyes open for the little kangaroo look-alikes sunbathing between the bushes. I also finally saw a kookaburra, in a gum tree! Anyone remembers the song? I learnt it in English class when I was super young :)

Eagle Heights of Eden, most definitely a little paradise where we stayed. The accommodation provided a lovely pool and a beautiful view of the oceanside from the top of a hill. In Eden, you can go whale watching from September until December. Unfortunately, we did not get to do this as we were there in May, and you don't get to see too many whales around that time. If you happen to be there at the right season though, you don't even need to do a whale watching tour on a boat. Just sit next to the pool and watch the ocean closely, sometimes you're lucky enough to spot whales bouncing up and down the water surface straight from the poolside!

Jervis Bay
Finally, one of my favourite places is surely Jervis Bay. The cool part about Jervis Bay is that you can accept the challenge of spotting the bioluminescent plankton in action - it has been captured in photos by Andy Hutchinson and it's stunning. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spot it while I was at Jervis Bay - I've also been told that it is incredibly rare there and that people who are based in Jervis Bay have never seen it ever in the time they lived there - but I've set out on a mission to see it sometime in my life, maybe even somewhere else.

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For Summer I'm Wishin'

Und wieder mal hat es mich nach Berlin verschlagen, natürlich. Verglichen zu den wundervollen tagtäglichen 30°C die ich in Barcelona hatte, muss ich hier allerdings mit den milden 22°C etwas einstecken. Nächste Woche sollen die Temperaturen jedoch auch endlich Berlin erreicht haben, und ich bereite mich mental so wie garderobemäßig schon fleißig darauf vor.

Dieses Jahr fahre ich ja weiterhin mega auf Cropped Tops ab, und wenn da noch dezente Streifen im Spiel sind, bin ich immer dafür zu haben. Weiterhin wollte ich mir endlich mal ein paar ordentliche Jogpants zulegen. Bei Fashion ID habe ich diese wundervollen Jogpants aus Viskosemix gefunden mit dem idealen Farbton für den Sommer. Da passen die Slippers im Metallic-Look perfekt dazu! Und da ich meine Outfits im Normalfall relativ simpel und monoton halte, muss da auf jeden Fall eine auffällige Sonnenbrille das Sahnetüpfchen obendrauf spielen.

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Two Weeks Living Out Of A Backpack

Ello folks, I'm back! I have only arrived back in Germany in the beginning of June from my 5-months-stay in Singapore and 3-weeks-travels in Australia, and have gone straight back to travel mode. My next destinations were the Bulgarian capital Sofia, the Bulgarian seaside town Varna, Meadows in the Mountains Festival in Bulgarian mountains, and Barcelona for the Sonar Off Week, and for the past two weeks I have been living of a single small 22L backpack. How I managed? I don't know. But I know that I have some Instagram photos from these two weeks which I can share with you. Hope you guys have had a great kick off for this year's summer season, too!

For the fashionistas asking, I got the golden tattoos on my arms from Angela. They last for almost a week looking beautiful before they start to rub off. And when they rub off, you still have the nice tan lines, and basically get a white tattoo mark from them, hihi.

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sunrise in the Bulgarian mountains
  • Khaleesi of our house
  • Summer feels in Varna, Bulgaria
  • Boom! Burger in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • SCNTST at Razzmatazz, Barcelona
  • Morning strolls thru our hood El Raval
  • Beach lyfe in Barcelona
  • MACBA, Barcelona
  • Secret Sundazin'