Wednesday, May 20, 2015 — ,

Instastories: Singapore Part IV

Chapter Singapore is closed. It's over, just like that! Time really flies. Right now, I'm writing this post from my hotel in Sydney, enjoying a few weeks off time with my parents. I have left Singapore for only 3 days now, but I miss it like hell already. I would have never guessed I could fall in love with the city so much within such a short time... and I definitely want to go back, maybe for visiting, maybe for work, who knows? Meanwhile, here are my final impressions of my last days/weeks in Singapore. I'll be back for you, Singapura, see ya soon!

  • Kong Ba Pao Duo at The Refinery
  • CBD
  • Yoda Garden at Lucas Studios
  • Lau Pa Sat
  • Quesadillas at Coq&Balls
  • Meow
  • Last day in my campus dorm
  • På äventyr
  • Alien HQ in the jungle #sgarchitecturelogic
  • Rainy Singapore, Gotham City much?

Thursday, May 14, 2015 —

Singapore Fashion Week 2015

Singapore Fashion Week. Yesterday marked the opening of five days filled with fashion at the heart of Singapore, in Orchard. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the opening show of Diane von Furstenberg - as my schedule is quite packed for my final week in this city - but today I managed to stop by the fashion week tent at the plaza in front of Ngee Ann City mall. The evening schedule consisted of shows of Fashion Futures: Dzojchen & Elohim by Sabrina Goh, Dion Lee, and the L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Show.

Generally, the whole fashion week vibe in the tent was quite similar to Berlin Fashion Week and Amsterdam Fashion Week, just maybe with less paparazzi's running after c-celebrities. In the tent, the sponsors also set up stands, giving us opportunities to sip on and try out new and different drinks from San Pellegrino, Strongbow and others.

Sadly, the entire schedule was delayed today and the Fashion Futures show started 1.5h later than scheduled, leaving us impatient and restless, even though we were served well with drinks to stay hydrated. Still, summing up the evening, I had a good time and am happy I was able to experience fashion week in Asia.

Pick from the collection Elohim by Sabrina Goh

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 —

Vagabond Must-Have's for SS15

Bwaaaaah. Ich hab mir eben zum ersten Mal die neue Spring Summer 2015 Collection von Vagabond angeschaut, und... damn. Ich will alles haben. Oben abgebildet sind meine absoluten Top Favoriten, Vagabond enttäuscht mich wirklich nie was Schuhe angeht.

Good news: das milkshake-rosa farbene Paar (erste Reihe, mitte) kann man momentan bei Spartoo reduziert holen. Bad news: nur noch in Größen 35, 39, 40 erhältlich - nicht meine Größe. Aber für diejenigen unter euch, deren Größe genau passen, klickt schnell hier bevor es zu spät ist! Ich sabber in der Zwischenzeit dann mal weiter.